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Engine oil additive. Regenerates old, hardened and brittle seals made of elastomer, plastic and rubber and allows these to become pliable again.

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HIGHTEC OIL LEAK STOP regenerates seals made of elastomer, plastic and rubber and thus reduces oil consumption on seals from shaft seal rings, valve covers, valve shafts and other seals.

  • Reduction of blue gas in exhaust gas
  • Regeneration and maintenance of elastomer, plastic andrubber seals
  • Prevention of oil stains in garages, entrances and on thestreet
  • Reduction in the oil consumption of petrol and dieselengines, thus playing a role in protecting the environment
  • Suitable for turbocharged engines, catalytic convertersand diesel particulate filters
  • Avoidance of expensive repairs
  • No disassembly work
  • Engine noise reduction
  • Compatibility with all commercially available mineral-basedand synthetic engine oils

HIGHTEC OIL LEAK STOP reduces oil consumption that arises from brittle and cracked seals in the engine. Add HIGHTEC OIL LEAK STOP to the engine oil after the oil change and warm up the engine. The sealing effect sets in after approximately 700 - 1,000 km. HIGHTEC OIL LEAK STOP should be added on a regular basis after every oil change to reduce the oil loss in the long term.

HIGHTEC OIL LEAK STOP cannot fix mechanical damage. It is not suitable for use in motorcycles with wet-running oil bath clutches.


  • One dose (250 ml) is sufficient for 3-5 litres of engine oil
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