Although the luxury and racing car segment is a niche component of the Indian automobile market, it is one of the fastest-growing sectors with the potential for tremendous growth in the coming years. These exclusive cars have top-of-the-line engines under the hood, and it is only fair that those engines are oiled with the most appropriate, car-manufacturer-approved lubricants. Unfortunately, there is a lack of proper and complete information due to which enthusiast car owners are generally unaware of the perfect lubricants for their machines. Many renowned companies offer Made-in-India products, but the customer is often confused if that brand has the correct car-manufacturer approval, or if the approved brand is even available in the Indian market.

Starting their entrepreneurial journey in 2011 on the back of the rich experience of more than 4 decades in the car spare-parts wholesale business, Euro Liquids India was incorporated in 2019 by Ms. Shivangi Bhatia and Mr. Prateek Gangwani with a vision to do a meaningful business by responding to growing consumer-awareness in India about the use & advantages of manufacturer-recommended car-engine oils & other lubricants.

We have partnered with ROWE Motor Oil - one of the best motor oil companies in the world - to serve our country with lubricants of impeccable quality at an affordable price. Both the partners are highly motivated to bring about a positive change in the market and feel personally about the current shortcomings. In fact, the final push for the venturing into this business came when they were unable to find the right manufacturer approved engine oil for their Jaguar car.


Euro Liquids India is a customer-focused enterprise. We strongly believe in providing thorough knowledge and guidance to our customers, so that they can form an informed opinion while selecting lubricants for their cars. Our approach is no-nonsense – we offer only the best engine oil products that are manufacturer-recommended, rather than distracting customers with shady alternatives. We conduct our business with complete integrity; hence our customers can be fully assured of our product quality and reliability. When dealing with us, you would have a direct and trustworthy communication channel with the partners. We look forward to serving you !

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