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High-performance chain grease for modern motorcycle chains.

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HIGHTEC CHAIN LUBE is a high-performance chain grease for all types of drive chains. Suitable for O, X and Z rings. It guarantees optimal lubrication and adhesion to the chain.

  • Eminently suitable for lubricating and maintaining O, X andZ ring chains
  • Permanent inner and outer lubrication
  • Highly effective due to excellent creep and gap penetrationcapacity
  • Extreme adhesive power
  • Pronounced wear protection
  • Good resistance to water
  • Outstanding corrosion protection

HIGHTEC CHAIN LUBE is particularly suitable for modern motorcycle chains with O, X and Z rings. HIGHTEC CHAIN LUBE can also be used in multi-row forklift truck chains and in single or multiple drag link conveyor chains. The sliding surfaces must be cleaned to remove old lubricant residues and dirt before applying. Shake the can well (at least 20 times) and spray onto the sliding surfaces. Let the air draw off for approximately 10 minutes before start-up. Repeat application as needed.

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