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Injection cleaner for gasoline engines. Fuel additive. It cleans and protects the entire fuel system from the tank to the combustion chamber.

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HIGHTEC INJECTION CLEANER improves the start behaviour and drive under full load conditions. It also binds water in the tank and the fuel system and thus prevents corrosion. Smooth and quiet idling.

  • Dissolves and disperses deposits and residues
  • Improves engine performance
  • Increases operational safety
  • Ensures a smooth combustion process
  • Binds water in both the tank and system
  • Improvement in the CO value

HIGHTEC INJECTION CLEANER cleans the entire system from the tank to the combustion chamber and prevents deposits in the fuel system. HIGHTEC INJECTION CLEANER keeps the engine clean, combusts without releasing pollutants and is therefore environmentally friendly. If there are problems during the cold start or poor exhaust gas values, HIGHTEC INJECTION CLEANER:

Not suitable for diesel vehicles.


  • Add a dose to the tank contents (sufficient for a tank capacity of approximately 60 litres). Do not empty the tank contents completely.
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