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Cutting-edge additive for improving the octane count and performance of gasoline (petrol).

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HIGHTEC OCTANE BOOSTER is a highly effective ingredient combination designed to meet the demand for the newest additive and fuel technologies.

HIGHTEC OCTANE BOOSTER is suitable for all petrol injection systems and will raise the octane count by up to 8 points, depending on the fuel quality. It also protects the engine by preventing deposits in valves, combustion chambers or exhaust gas recycling (EGR) valves. It thus ensures a better start behaviour and safe full-load operation, as well as steady and softer idling. HIGHTEC OCTANE BOOSTER additionally protects unhardened valve seats if lead-free fuel is used.

  • Raises the octane count by up to 8 points
  • Highly effective anti-knock compound
  • Can improve the engine performance and ensure a fasteracceleration capacity
  • Reduces deposits in combustion chambers
  • Compatible with exhaust gas aftertreatment systems
  • Optimized for vehicles with catalytic converter
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Can improve emission values
  • Protects valve seats from excessive wear, also if lead-freefuel is used
  • Can ensure even and soft idling

A single can of HIGHTEC OCTANE BOOSTER will suffice for a tank filling of 45 l of gasoline (petrol). Do not empty the tank completely before the filling. HIGHTEC OCTANE BOOSTER is recommended if deposits at the injection nozzles, valves and in the combustion chambers impair the engine run.

Not suitable for diesel vehicles.

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