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Fast acting oil system cleaner for petrol, diesel and gas engines (LPG/CNG). Cleans the entire oil system and dissolves sediments and sludge directly before the oil change.

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HIGHTEC ENGINE CLEANER X-PRESS is a highly-effective additive composition that rapidly cleans the oil circulation, so it cleans the engine from the inside. It removes soiling, and the new engine oil remains clean for longer.

The HIGHTEC ENGINE CLEANER X-PRESS is also suited for petrol and diesel engines and vehicles with and without turbochargers. Equally, we also recommend HIGHTEC ENGINE CLEANER X-PRESS for use in gas-powered vehicles (LPG/CNG).

  • dissolves internal engine sediments and siltation
  • reduces soiling of new engine oil by old sediments
  • suited for petrol, diesel and gas engines (LPG/CNG)
  • suited for vehicles with and without turbocharger
  • highly-effective additive composition
  • simple and rapid application
  • effective cleaning of piston rings - can increasecompression
  • preventive cleaning of hydraulic lifters - can reduce enginenoise

Add HIGHTEC ENGINE CLEANER X-PRESS to the engine oil approx. 15 - 30 minutes before the planned oil change. The vehicle must then idle for 15 - 30 minutes - do not drive and do not accelerate. Afterwards, change the oil as usual.

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