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Engine oil additive. Reduces excessive oil consumption, increases oil pressure and compression and thus reduces exhaust fumes and engine noise.

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The selected combination of additives of HIGHTEC ENGINE OIL SAVER improves the stability of the lubricating film at high temperatures and under full load conditions.

  • Reduction of blue gas in exhaust gas
  • Reduction in the oil consumption of petrol and dieselengines, thus playing a role in protecting the environment
  • Improvement in the viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Increase in oil pressure and compression
  • Engine noise reduction
  • Suitable for turbocharged engines, catalytic convertersand diesel particulate filters
  • No disassembly work
  • Compatibility with all commercially available mineral-basedand synthetic engine oils

HIGHTEC ENGINE OIL SAVER reduces excessive oil consumption, acts against oil dilution by fuel in short-haul traffic and increases oil pressure and compression. Add HIGHTEC ENGINE OIL SAVER to the warm engine oil. The contents suffice for an engine oil filling of approximately 3-5 litres.

Outstandingly suitable for extreme motor loads in the high-temperature range and attendant high oil consumption, as well as for problems with running noises and tailpipe smoke in the first stages of engine wear.

HIGHTEC ENGINE OIL SAVER cannot fix any mechanical damage or correct excessive wear. It is not suitable for use in motorcycles with wet-running oil bath clutches.


  • One dose (250 ml) is sufficient for 3-5 litres of engine oil
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