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All-purpose cleaning agent to clean and degrease small parts such as brake components, clutch parts, gear parts, bolts, screws, etc.

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HIGHTEC BREMSENREINIGER is a non-residue, volatile, universal cleaning agent with strong dissolving power for oils, greases, waxes etc.

  • Reliable cleaning and degreasing of surfaces
  • The good creep properties ensure reliable cleaning evenin hard-to-reach places
  • It dries without leaving residues

and guarantees optimal friction coefficients for clutch and brakeparts

  • Good compatibility with metals, non-ferrous metals andplastics

HIGHTEC BREMSENREINIGER is used for easy degreasing and cleaning of small parts and surfaces made of metal, glass and composite materials. Spray the parts to be cleaned and rinse the dirt off. Maintain adequate ventilation while doing so. Dry the parts with compressed air if necessary.

The product can attack paints and plastics. Test material compatibility and colour fastness on an inconspicuous space. Ensure good ventilation when applying and do not spray onto hot parts - ignition hazard.

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