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Fast acting automatic transmission cleaner for all automatic transmissions. Cleans the entire oil system and loosens sediments just before the oil change.

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HIGHTEC ATF CLEANER is a highly-effective additive composition that cleans the oil circulation and inside of the automatic transmission. By removing the soiling, the transmission and the new transmission oil remain clean for longer. HIGHTEC ATF CLEANER is suited for all automatic transmissions with or without torque converter lock-up clutch. It is used for difficulties with gear changes or switching shocks, starting weaknesses, plucking torque converter lock-up clutches, kick-down problems, vibrations, and unusual transmission noises. It is also used after repairs to defective heat exchangers to remove coolant residue.

  • universally applicable - suited for all automatictransmissions
  • dissolves internal soiling
  • reduces contamination of new gear oil by old sediments
  • highly-effective additive composition
  • simple and fast application
  • improves the friction coefficient performance of switchingelements
  • cleans control valves, thereby improving their function
  • protects against wear caused by sediments

Add HIGHTEC ATF CLEANER to the gear oil approx. 15 minutes before the planned oil change. Then drive the vehicle for 15 minutes. In doing so, use all gears, including the reverse gear. Then perform the oil change as usual.

Not suited for direct shift gearboxes (DSG, DCT, etc.), continuously variable or manual transmission!

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