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High-performance engine oil developed specifically by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel and VW for the requirements of the European market for models with exhaust after-treatment and turbocharging.

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HIGHTEC MULTI SYNT DPF SAE 5W-30 has been developed specifically for passenger car Otto and diesel engines with exhaust after-treatment (Diesel Particulate Filters = DPF), turbocharging and extended maintenance intervals (WIV/LongLife Service). It is based on a special composition made of HC synthetic oils and fully synthetic poly-alpha-olefins (PAO) in conjunction with the most advanced additive technology with low ash content.


  • MB-Freigabe 229.51/229.31
  • VW 504 00/507 00

The quality of this product is equivalent to EU regulations

  • ACEA C3
  • API SN
  • Porsche C30

Additionally this product is recommended when thefollowing filling instructions are required

  • API CF
  • BMW Longlife-04

  • First-class economy grade for multi-functional use indiesel and Otto engines from different manufacturers
  • The low sulphated ash, low phosphorus and sulphurcontent protects diesel particulate filters and catalyticconverters
  • It guarantees the longest service intervals of up to50,000 km (dependent on the model/pay attention tothe maintenance computer)
  • Fuel economy due to low-viscosity characteristics
  • Highest oxidation stability due to a special base oilcomposition made of HC synthetic and fully syntheticPAO base oils
  • Safer year-round operation due to outstandingviscosity-temperature behaviour and high shearstability
  • Stable lubricating film, even with hot oil and underexcessive loads, and the best wear protection
  • Reliable protection against corrosion and black sludge
  • Low oil consumption due to a very low evaporationloss
  • Miscible and compatible with conventional andsynthetic engine oils. However, in order to exploit thefull product benefits of HIGHTEC MULTI SYNT DPFSAE 5W-30, a complete oil change is recommended.

HIGHTEC MULTI SYNT DPF SAE 5W-30 can be used in vehicles with petrol and diesel engines in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. In BMW vehicles, it is backward compatible with former specifications such as BMW LongLife-01/98. It can be used within the VW Group as an economy grade product in nearly all petrol and diesel models with or without LongLife Service.

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