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High-performance Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) developed specifically for use in modern Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) drives.

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HIGHTEC ATF CVT is produced using selected HC synthetic base oils and a special additive technology. It has been developed specifically to meet the special requirements in CVT drives with push and pull belts.

Additionally this product is recommended when thefollowing filling instructions are required

  • VW TL 52 180 (G 052 180)/TL 52 516 (G052 516)
  • BMW EZL799/EZL799A/8322 0 136 376/8322 0 429 154
  • Daihatsu Ammix CVTF-DC/-DFE/-DFC/-TC
  • Dodge/Jeep NS-2/CVTF+4/MOPAR CVT 4
  • Ford CFT23/WSS-M2C928-A/CFT30/WSS-M2C933-A/Motorcraft XT-7-QCFT/MERCON C
  • Honda HMMF/HCF-2
  • Hyundai/Kia SP-CVT 1
  • Mazda CVTF 3320
  • MB CVT 28/236.20
  • Mini EZL799/EZL799A/ZF CVT V1
  • Mitsubishi DiaQueen CVT Fluid J1/J4/J4+/SP-III
  • Nissan NS-1/-2/-3
  • Punch EZL 799/EZL 799A
  • Renault ELFMATIC CVT
  • Toyota/Lexus CVT TC/FE
  • Subaru NS-2/Lineatronic CVTF/CVT II/High Torque (HT) CVT/i-CVTF/K0425Y 0710/CV-30/e-CVTF
  • Suzuki CVTF 3320/TC/NS-2/CVTF Green-1/-2

  • Outstanding economy grade for CVT applications
  • The most advanced technology for excellentmetal/metal friction coefficient performance andfriction coefficient stability
  • Unvarying good drive performance over the entireservice interval
  • Excellent behaviour at low temperatures
  • The best wear protection properties for reliableoperation and the longest service life
  • Outstanding ageing and oxidation stability
  • HIGHTEC ATF CVT is a special ATF. We adviseagainst mixing it with conventional AutomaticTransmission Fluids (ATF). In order to exploit the fullproduct benefits of HIGHTEC ATF CVT, a completeoil change is strongly recommended when changingfrom one transmission fluid to another.

HIGHTEC ATF CVT is recommended for use in many ‘stepless’ automatic transmissions (CVT). Here, it is characterised by its excellent metal/metal friction coefficients and outstanding torque transmission. The fluid filling specifications and the manufacturer’s service intervals must be observed.

HIGHTEC ATF CVT is not suitable for use in hybrid CVT (Honda/Ford), DCT/DSG (dual-clutch transmissions) or stepped automatic transmissions.

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