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Fully synthetic gearbox oil with reduced cold viscosity for excellent fuel efficiency. Specially adapted to the wear protection and cold shifting requirements of modern passenger car manual gearboxes.

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HIGHTEC TOPGEAR FE SAE 75W-80 S is a fully synthetic high-performance manual gearbox oil with reduced cold viscosity for optimised gearbox efficiency and cold shifting characteristics. It is based on fully synthetic poly-alpha-olefins (PAO) and esters in conjunction with the most advanced additive technology.

The quality of this product is equivalent to EU regulations

  • API GL-4/-5

Additionally this product is recommended when the following filling instructions are required

  • BMW MTF LT-1/-2/-3/-4
  • Fiat 9.55550-MZ2
  • Ford WSS-M2C200-D2
  • MB 235.10
  • PSA 9730 A2/A8/B 71 2330
  • Toyota JWS 227
  • VW G009 317/G052 171/G52 178/G052 512/G052 532/G052 527/G052 726/G052 798/G055 726

  • Reduced cold viscosity for excellent fuel efficiency
  • Economy grade for modern passenger car manualgearboxes according to the manufacturer’sspecification
  • Very good protection against wear and corrosion
  • High temperature and oxidation stability due to fullysynthetic base oils and special additives
  • Extremely stable to shear stress - ‘Stay-in-grade’
  • Stable lubricating film, even with very hot oil andunder very high loads. As a result, reduced wear andlower gearbox noise

Excellent cold viscosity ensures improved shifting ability,fast lubrication and low ‘cold wear’

  • Miscible and compatible with conventional andsynthetic gearbox oils. However, in order to exploitthe full product benefits of HIGHTEC TOPGEAR FESAE 75W-80 S, a complete gearbox oil change isrecommended.

HIGHTEC TOPGEAR FE SAE 75W-80 S is used in a modern passenger car manual gearboxes according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The reduced viscosity and the optimised viscosity-temperature behaviour enable a significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with smooth shifting characteristics and low shifting power at the same time.

HIGHTEC TOPGEAR FE SAE 75W-80 S is not suitable for use in ‘stepped’ automatic transmissions, in DCT/DSG transmissions (with dual-clutch running in oil bath) or CVT (continuously variable or ‘non-stepped’ automatic) transmissions.

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