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Fully synthetic, multi-grade, low-viscosity engine oil, specially designed and successfully tested for use in racing cars. This engine oil delivers maximum performance and engine power even under maximum strain and critical conditions on the race track.

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HIGHTEC RACING MOTOR OIL SAE 10W-60 is based on the specifically developed MULTI-ESTER TECHNOLOGY which, in combination with top-quality, fully synthetic PAOs (polyalphaolefins), forms a perfect basis for motorsports engine oils. The additives are specifically attuned to this and lend the product all the properties required for winning races. The greatest importance was meanwhile attached to protecting the highly stressed racing engines. Another development focus for our motorsports engine oils was on an extremely high oxidation and viscosity stability, offering extreme advantages for the longest racing assignments. This technology has enabled the ROWE RACING TEAM to reach a great number of different podium positions, for example the overall victory in the legendary Total 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps in the year 2016.

Ever since its introduction, HIGHTEC RACING MOTOR OIL SAE 10W-60 has reliably prevented oil-related engine damage in a great number of races and a broad range of categories.

  • unique MULTI-ESTER TECHNOLOGY guaranteesmaximum shear stability and engine protection for thelongest racing assignments through to 24-hour races
  • special racing engine oil for four-stroke engines
  • high-performance engine oil for high-revving suction andsupercharged turbo and compressor engines
  • equally suitable for (direct) injection and carburettorengines
  • prevents deposits in turbochargers and other componentsexposed to great thermal stress
  • broad temperature application range for flexible use
  • guarantees stable oil pressure throughout the entire change interval
  • outstanding wear and component protection
  • cutting-edge additive technology for unique enginecleanness
  • extremely stable oil film even in the most challengingracing assignments
  • mixable and compatible with conventional as well assynthetic engine oils. A complete oil change isrecommended, however, to enjoy the full benefit of theproduct's advantages.

Our HIGHTEC RACING MOTOR OIL SAE 10W-60 has been specifically developed for use in ultra-stressed racing cars. It is suitable for use in suction engines with high-revving concepts as well as for supercharged engines such as turbo and compressor engines. It reliably protects your engine from wear and prevents residues that could damage the engine or turbocharger. The extremely stable HIGHTEC RACING MOTOR OIL SAE 10W-60 has been developed for motorsports use through to 24-hour races and continually ensures a stable oil pressure and the highest component protection. This makes it ideal for protecting your engine in a wide range of application scenarios such as sprint, dragster, long-distance, rally and mountain races.

HIGHTEC RACING MOTOR OIL SAE 10W-60 has been specifically developed for use in extreme racing conditions. Particular importance was meanwhile attached to maximum reliability and protection from wear. We therefore only recommend it for competitive environments.

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