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High-performance special hydraulic fluid based on synthetic base oils with first-rate low temperature performance.

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HIGHTEC ZH-M SYNT is a high-performance, special hydraulic oil with optimised low-temperature performance. It is based on the most advanced additives and selected synthetic base oils. Developed specifically for use in central hydraulic systems subjected to high loads.

The quality of this product is equivalent to EU regulations

  • DIN 51524 Teil 3
  • ISO 7308

Additionally this product is recommended when thefollowing filling instructions are required

  • BMW
  • Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep MS-11655
  • MAN M 3289
  • MB 345.0
  • Ford WSS-M2C204-A/A2
  • Hyundai/Kia PSF-4
  • Opel 19 40 715/766
  • Porsche
  • Volvo 1161529/30741424
  • VW TL 52 146 (G002 000/G004 000)
  • ZF TE-ML 02K

  • Outstanding viscosity-temperature behaviour and highshear stability
  • Sensitive response characteristics, even at extremelylow temperatures
  • The highest ageing and oxidation stability due tospecial synthetic base oils
  • The best wear protection properties for reliableoperation and the longest service life, even at highsteady-state temperatures and under excessive loads
  • Minimal tendency to foam
  • Reliable protection against corrosion, wear, sludgeaccumulation and adhesion
  • Neutral behaviour towards gasket materials
  • Miscible and compatible with other central hydraulicfluids of the same specification. However, in order toexploit the full product benefits of HIGHTEC ZH-MSYNT, a complete oil change is stronglyrecommended.

HIGHTEC ZH-M SYNT has been developed specifically for use in central hydraulic systems subjected to high loads, power steering systems, sun roof mechanisms and shock absorbers. Its first-rate viscosity-temperature behaviour guarantees safe operation at high steady-state temperatures, as well as a sensitive response at very low temperatures.

HIGHTEC ZH-M SYNT may not be mixed with glycol or silicone-based fluids (e.g. brake fluids DOT 3/4/5.1 or DOT 5).

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