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Ultrapure urea solution in OEM quality for the reduction of nitrogen oxides in present-day diesel vehicles.

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HIGHTEC AdBlue® is an ultrapure, non-hazardous urea solution for the reduction of nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas of diesel engines equipped with SCR technology. The aqueous urea solution is a chemical for exhaust gas purification, which is used in present-day diesel engine concepts in passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles (trucks, coaches and agricultural vehicles). HIGHTEC AdBlue® is always suitable whenever the use of a 32.5% urea solution is required according to DIN 70070/ISO 22241-1.

- OEM quality
- Suitable for numerous diesel vehicles of different manufacturers

The HIGHTEC AdBlue® stored in a separate container is mixed into the exhaust gas stream using e.g. a dosage pump and undergoes a chemical reaction in the SCR catalyst. As a result the nitrogen oxides are subsequently converted into nitrogen and water vapour.

The quality of this product is equivalent to EU regulations
DIN 70070
ISO 22241-1 

- HIGHTEC AdBlue® must be stored in a temperature range between - 5 and +20 °C. The product is stable for 24 months after production if this storage temperature is maintained. Storing under - 11°C causes the product to solidify. If the storage temperature constantly exceeds +20 °C, a chemical reaction is possible.
- HIGHTEC AdBlue® is neither a hazardous good nor a hazardous substance and as a result is assigned to the water hazard class 1. 
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