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lubricant-oil-in-india 11 Jul 2022

Currently, India is a major hub for manufacturers and distributors. There are a variety of companies and factories that compete with major business giants around the world. Automotive is one of the sectors in which India is performing exceptionally well. It has grown to include several factories and companies. In recent years, Indian factories have been producing advanced vehicles that offer all the amenities that modern man needs.

Furthermore, there are a large number of lubricant oil in India that drive the engines of advanced cars. Cars depend on engines, and engine oils are the heart of the vehicle. These components facilitate several functions and are responsible for the proper operation of vehicles. Therefore, with the selection of the right vehicle, it becomes imperative to choose the right oil for the cars so that they can run effectively. Now, it is a challenging task to select an oil out of so many options available.

Though it is a cumbersome task, once you have selected the right engine oil from the engine oil companies in India suited to your vehicle, you can gain a variety of benefits from it. As a result, it will help the car and its engine last longer by protecting the engine from wear and tear, lubricating the various components, reducing friction during movement, acting as a seal to prevent leaks and many other crucial benefits that you have never thought of.

Let's now examine other significant factors related to engine oils and unravel their meanings. Starting with, let’s get a brief overview of the different types of engine oils available and also know the engine oil companies in India.

What are the different types of engine oils?

Engine oils mainly fall into 3 categories: mineral oils, synthetic oils, and semi-synthetic oils. Mineral oils are extracted naturally from the iron ores, synthetic oils are manufactured in the factory by adding some additives, and semi-synthetic oil is the combination of mineral and synthetic oils and is prepared by mixing both types of oil. Each oil has different pros and cons and it depends on the kind of vehicle that you possess to decide which type of engine oil will be best for your car.

Benefits of using synthetic engine oil

Moreover, today, synthetic engine oil in India is used in the most advanced vehicles. Let’s discuss the various advantages that one can get from opting for synthetic engine oil in India.

  • It has outstanding cleaning properties that contribute to better performance by keeping engines clean.
  • It helps in the protection of the engines from wear and tear.
  • It provides mileage and prevents the old cars from leaking.
  • It can withstand a high degree of temperature.
  • It performs better even at a low degree of temperature.

How does the viscosity of the oil affect the car's performance?

Viscosity is the property of oils to flow easily at any temperature. The viscosity of most oils is determined by the thickness of the oils at a temperature of zero degrees Fahrenheit. The thicker the oil is, the more difficult it becomes for the oils to move and vice versa. Thinner oils have lower viscosity and thus can flow easily whereas thicker oils have higher viscosity and so are unable to circulate at a faster pace.

Moreover, oils based on their viscosity can be further divided into two groups: A low engine oil viscosity is referred to by a W and is suited for winters and a high engine oil which does not end with W is suitable for summers. For example, the viscosity grades of the multigrade oils consist of alphameric notations, e.g., 10W20 where 10 W is a low-temperature viscosity and 20 is the high-temperature viscosity oil.

How are lubricant companies using sustainable methods for engine oils?

Over the past decade, the number of vehicles has increased rapidly. This has caused difficulty in transportation services. Due to this, the vehicles emit gases that damage the environment and severely pollute it. As a result, these companies have launched AdBlue, which can assist in solving this problem.

Now, the question arises as to what is AdBlue? AdBlue is a selective catalytic reduction technology that prevents harmful gases from being released into the atmosphere by being placed inside the vehicle. It is also known as diesel exhaust fluid and is used in vehicles to regulate their emission levels.

There is no danger in using AdBlue since it is made up of a mixture of urea and demineralized water. AdBlue works in a way that converts the hazardous gases like nitrogen oxide released from the vehicles into non-hazardous gases and thus helps in complying with the emission standards.

Today, many different types of engine oil companies in India are available. It is imperative to choose engine oil that is suitable for the type of vehicle you drive. In addition, there are a few other factors that you should consider before changing or switching engine oils.

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