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liqui-moly-engine-oil 9 Aug 2022

In today's world, manufacturers and automobile industries are working hard to develop and manufacture a fully-functioning automobile. In their vision, they want to build cars that have all the modern man's needs and can provide protection and run well for a longer period. The most critical part of a car is the engine. Engines are the heart of the car and it is the only thing that drives the car. Consequently, engine oils are used to run the engines, and they improve the efficiency and productivity of the car.

Now, there is a variety of engine oil companies that are selling products that may be eye-catching. However, you need to decide and choose an engine oil that is suitable for your vehicle since the wrong one can lead to various problems.

Have you ever considered adding some additives to your engine to provide you with additional benefits and cost savings? You can get some additives that can help your vehicle. They provide extra protection to the engine. Such advantages can be provided by the Liqui Moly Ceratec which is a renowned product that works seamlessly and can withstand any period.

What is Liqui Moly?

Liqui Moly is a brand of a German Company that may be quite unpopular in the Northern parts of America but it has been manufacturing engine oils since 1957. It released its first product, MoS2 oil, into the market. A MoS2 oil additive consists of molybdenum disulphide, a solid lubricant.

This component was best used in emergencies where the vehicles run for a shorter period without oil. As a star component, molybdenum disulphide is similar to graphite that we can find in nature.

Liqui Moly Ceratec benefits

The solid Mos2 component can contribute to a variety of advantages be it protecting the engine from wear or tear or reducing friction, Let's discuss them in brief.

  • The MoS2 acts as a protective agent and protects the surfaces from friction or movement.
  • It ensures the smooth running of the different components of the engines and also eases the friction when the vehicle is moving as it consists of Liqui Moly Ceratec friction modifier.
  • It also avoids metal-to-metal contact and thus protects the engines from wear and tear.

How is Liqui Moly engine oil different from the other engine oils?

There are a variety of components inside the engine that are constantly moving. The components include gears, valves, pistons, and other devices. In addition, temperatures and heat are high inside the engines' combustion chambers and explosions occasionally occur. Therefore, if the engine of the vehicle is not fuelled with the right type of oil, then this might result in wear and tear of the various components of the machine.

Choosing the right engine oil or vehicle which is capable of delivering optimum efficiency and sustainability is the only way to prevent any damage. Depending on the weather, engine oils may vary. If you live in a region with cold temperatures, your vehicle might have trouble starting. This is not new and you might have faced it multiple times. But, imagine a situation where you purchase engine oil that is not suitable then it is likely to damage the vehicle and does not provide the necessary prevention.

In cold weather, the viscosity of the oils increases. This makes it difficult for the oils to flow in the engine and this might lead to the drying of the engines. In this scenario, you need to have engine oil that is of high quality and can flow to some extent and protect the component from tear and wear.

Now, suppose you're the type of person who likes to drive fast. This might lead you to accelerate more than the average driver. This may create additional heat and may lead to the tear and wear of the engine components.

The need for engine oil may vary from one individual to another. It becomes imperative to not just go for a high-quality engine but also to choose an engine oil that fits the requirements of the vehicles. As a result, in these situations, keeping in mind the needs of the modern man, companies design high tolerance engines. This is because incorrect fuel is likely to severely damage an engine.

As a result, Liqui Moly engine oil can be the most effective. It was the first product that is end-all-be-all engine oil. It has various characteristics like Liqui moly Ceratec friction modifier which make it reliable and advantageous to use, such as:

  • It has a cold start property and an improved wear and tear protection mechanism.
  • It is the oil recommended for older Porsche models with air-cooled engines.
  • It consists of additional additives which help reduce wear and tear at a high degree of temperature.
  • The MoS2 lubricates the different engine components and prevents their friction.

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