Best Lubricant in India for Cars

best-lubricant-in-india-for-cars 27 Jun 2022

Today, transportation facilities and the number of vehicles are increasing at an alarming rate. Due to EMI facilities, people can purchase vehicles at an easy pace. At the end of the day, they only know how to use the vehicle and what benefits it can provide. The fact that vehicles require maintenance for longer shelf lives is often overlooked.

Keeping components that are constantly moving safe and protecting them from wear and tear is a crucial function of lubricants. They vary and are classified into different types. Moreover, in this article, we will know about lubricants, the types of lubricant oils, and the best lubricant in India for cars.

Lubricant: What are the different types?

Different components of the car are constantly in motion. They collide with each other causing friction and this might lead to their wear and tear. So, to avoid this scenario, lubricants are used which prevent the different moving components of the car from getting damaged due to wear and tear.

Now, there are different types of lubricating oil like mineral oils and synthetic oils. Mineral oils refer to the lubricating oils that are extracted from naturally occurring crude oils whereas synthetic lubricating oils are manufactured by companies.

Moreover, lubricant oils can be divided into different types, such as lubricating oil, grease, dry lubricant, etc.

Different oils have different viscosities based on their weight. A lower viscosity indicates that it is easier to flow. Engine oil is one of the most common types of lubricant that is used in the automobile industry. Typically, lubricating oil is a base oil to which additives are added. These additives are chain-like polymers.

Various types of components, such as anti-wear additives, dispenses, detergents, etc., may be added that are difficult to remove from the long polymer chains. Lubricating oils can be used in cases where you do not want to disassemble the entire machine.

They help to create a slippery layer between the different surfaces of the machine components. In cases when the components of the machine are dirty or wet, you should not use oil. The friction will increase if it is dirty, and if it is wet, the oil will simply flow away.

Grease is one of the most commonly used lubricants for bearings, chains, gears, and linkages. One of the most common lubricants that you can employ is grease to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on machine parts. It is a type of lubricant that can last for a longer period without re-using it.

Grease is a combination of mineral oil and some kinds of thickeners, basically, lithium-based soaps that are used. Grease possesses the property of getting mixed along with the lubricant in the oils. This creates a sticky mixture that can be applied to the surfaces of the different components.

The grease plays a major role and acts as a hindrance to protecting the surface from damage from the outside. In fast-running devices, greases should not be used since they are sticky and have an extreme thickness, which may lead to resistance.

Dry lubricants
Dry lubricants are very slippery and can help reduce the friction between the machine components. Dry lubricants consist of lubricants like molybdenum, graphite, PTFE, silicone, and others. Dry lubricants can also be found in spray form. When there are small parts where grease cannot be used, or when there are surfaces with high temperatures where oils cannot be used, grease is used.

Role of lubricants

Lubricants have a wide range of uses and are used in different scenarios. Following are some of the advantages that the lubricants provide:

  • It helps ease friction
  • Prevent the surfaces from corrosion
  • protect it against wear and tear
  • Helps in taking away the contaminants from the machine's surface
  • It helps in transferring the heat

Lubricant oil price in India

It is therefore imperative to choose the right lubricant for the car. However, your budget is also a constraint in this case. Therefore, you should find a lubricant that will fit your budget and meet your car's needs at the same time. Moreover, various factors influence the lubricant oil price in India. Some of them are:

  • Lubricant oil grade: The grade of lubricant oil also plays an equally significant role. The higher the grade, the finer quality it is and the more expensive it is.
  • Manufacturer: The manufacturer also influences the lubricant oil price in India. The prices may vary depending on the manufacturer. You will have to pay more for high-quality oil from a reputable manufacturer.
  • Type of oil: The type of lubricant oil also plays a major role in determining the prices. The prices vary depending on the type of lubricant oil opted for.

In this article, you might have gained some insights about lubricant oils and lubricant oil companies in India. Moreover, if you want to know about the best lubricant in India for cars, visit

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