Best Engine Oils for BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo and Porsche

best-engine-oils-for-bmw-mercedes-volkswagen-audi-volvo-and-porsche 20 Jul 2020


You need to note that BMW is a company that follows a very old and life-long naming plate and has the specified Motor Oils used for the car it manufactures:

5W-30, this is the motor oil that it uses for the cars that were designed and manufactured after 2002. 

These include the following:

LL-98, LL-01, LL-01FE, LL-04, LL-12 FE, LL-14 FE+LL-98

You must note that the 5W-30 used in cars from 2002-current (MXX and NXX generation of engines.) These include Car Models that have the Diesel engine but WITHOUT Particulate filters). These are also backward compatible.

  • LL-01
  • LL-01FE

FE simply stands for Fuel Economy. Experts always recommend the use of an engine that has low SAPs. This is mainly keeping in view that low SAPs help protect the internals of the auto engines. Apart from this with the lower SAPs helps in the easier flowing of fluids and thus the oil changing interval is reduced. This oil was mainly used in the EU market, but now is also entering the US Market as well. It has many benefits like lower SAPs and lower emissions as pointed out and is used various engines that include the N1X along with N2X, N4X, and N63 as well as N74 too.


This Engine Oils is primarily used in all diesel applications in North America. This is mainly due to the higher concentrations of sulfur in this region. On the other hand, this engine oil is used in Europe owing to the absence of ethanol in their fuels.


It is seen that some gasoline engines require the LL-12 engine oil along with diesel which includes NxK1, Nx 7U1, and also Nx701.

LL-14 +

The LL-14+ engine oil, on the other hand, is used in N20 alongside Bx8 applications from the year 2014 and thereon. This oil has become the norm now in the US. This is also the case with lower levels of protection towards fuel economy.

If you follow our research then your choice would be quite simple.

Choices of Gasoline and Diesel that powered BMWs following 2002 Model year are the following:


In case your BMW has the  S62, S65 or S85 engine your choices from ROWE would be the ROWE HIGH-TEC SYNTH RS SAE 10W-60.

For BMW Owners of BMW Diesel cars manufactured after 2018, it would be the ROWE HIGH-TEC SYNT RSB 12FE SAE 0W-30.

Mercedes Benz

When it comes to the choice of engine oils for the Mercedes Benz, let us discuss the 3 modern tech sheets that are used for noncommercial operations. The 229.50, along with 229.51 and 229.52 are the modern gasoline engines. The 229.51 and 229.52 are the modern diesel engines. All these engines are backward compatible with the previous tech sheet requirements.

If you own a Mercedes Benz that is powered by the Gasoline Engines then you could opt for the ROWE HIGH-TEC SYNT RS HC-D SAE 5W-40.

On the other hand, if you own a Gasoline and/or Diesel Powered Mercedes Benz then you could choose the ROWE HIGHTECH SYNT RS DLS SAE 5W-30.

If you have a Diesel Powered Mercedes Benz then you could go for the ROWE HIGHTECH MULTI SYNT DPF SAE 5W-30.


You would already be aware of that for the VAG there are many spec sheets in terms of engine oils. You would also be happy to note that we have a host of engine oils that are backward compatible. These are what would negate your worries about spec approvals. So any VW 504.00 engine oil would be compatible backwardly on all gasoline applications. On the other hand when it comes to all diesel applications then any VW 507.00 is fully backward compatible to almost all diesel applications with the exception of the RS5 and V10 Tdi engines.

In terms of engine oil choices for gasoline-powered Volkswagen or Audi you have the following:


For engine oil choices for the Diesel-powered Volkswagen or Audi 2005 and older you could choose the ROWE HIGHTECH SYNT RSi SAE 5W-40.

When it comes to engine oil choices for the diesel-powered Volkswagen or Audi 2006 and newer you have the ROWE HIGHTECH MULTI SYNT DPF SAE 5W-30.


If you are to consider Volvo in the US Market then the choices regarding engine oils are quite simple. For the modern 2000 + model engines you need to call for at least the ACEA A1 or B1 rating, API SL Approval and also the ILSAC G-4 Rating as well. If you are to take a look at the new generation of Volvo Automobiles you would see that they have the Volvo 4- cylinder engines found in the SPA Platform call for the 0W20 Volvo Spec oil which is very hard to find. However, we have engine oils for the same in limited quantities.

Engine Oil Choices for Diesel or Gasoline-Powered Volvos are the following:

Engine Oil Choices for latest Diesel or Gasoline-Powered Volvos on SPA Platform is the following:


Engine Oils for Porsche Autos are quite simple and require the approval for A30, the A40, C20, and the C30. It is to be noted that most Porsche engines use the A40 Spec Oil with a 5W-40 Weight. The Engine oils for the C30 are reserved for the diesel, hybrid, and V6 Cayenne Applications. On the other hand, the C20 Engine Oils are for the Fuel Economy which has very limited levels of additives.

If you have the gasoline-powered Porsches (minus V6 Cayenne) then you would have the ROWE HIGHTECH SYNT RSi SAE 5W-40

When it comes to Oil preferences for diesel and petrol Cayenne V6 you can choose the:

When it comes to Oil preferences for Porsche Sportier Cars like:

For the 911, Boxster, Cayman you could opt for the HIGHTECH SYNTH RS SAE 0W-40.

It is possible that you might be a Racing Enthusiast who takes one’s cars on frequent track days and own BMW M-series, Mercedes Benz AMG, Audi RS Series, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche Carrera, Cayman and so on. The following is the link for the list of the recommended Racing Series Lubricants for you.


Euro Liquids

40 +

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