Best Engine Oil In India: How You Can Select One?

best-engine-oil-in-india 22 Jun 2022

The population of India is growing at an alarming rate. With the growing population, the needs of the people are also accelerating. Today, the insurance companies and the banks are providing easy vehicle loans to the people, due to which the counts of vehicles are increasing day by day. This is causing multiple issues for people in their daily lives. In this case, the vehicles that people are using need to be up to date and must be supplied with proper lubricant so that they can function properly.

There are also multiple engine oil companies in India that can provide the most suitable lubricant for vehicles. Engines are the most vital part of any vehicle and engine oil can be regarded as the lifeline. Engine oil performs a variety of functions and helps ensure that the engine works smoothly by providing proper lubrication to it. Because engine oils offer an array of benefits, one should always choose the best engine oils available in the market. Moreover, let’s discuss how you can select the best engine oil in India.

Importance of choosing the right engine oil

Oils need to be selected very carefully, and one must test them thoroughly and determine the do's and don'ts of their use so that they can serve the users most effectively. A high-quality engine oil offers you the following benefits:

  • It provides sufficient lubrication which aids in keeping the different components of the engines protected even at a temperature of 200 degrees centigrade.
  • A moving car experiences friction which might lead to the wear and tear of the engine parts, but engine oil helps to avoid this scenario.
  • The performance of the car can also be impacted by the quality of the engine oil used. Therefore, the thicker or thinner engine oil will impact the performance of the car largely.
  • The highest-quality engine oils that have been developed and manufactured through research are capable of protecting and enhancing the efficiency, and overall performance of vehicles.
  • It is of significant benefit when you use the finest quality engine oil which can be found on the market. This is because its superior grade enables you to use it for a longer period and requires much fewer oil changes.
  • Finally, investing in and taking up an engine oil of superior quality can assist you with saving in the long run and prevent you from doing the task of changing the oil over and over again.

How to choose the right engine oil?

A person looking for the right engine oil must be armed with plenty of information about the best engine oil companies in India and what they can offer you. It’s a daunting and cumbersome task to find the right engine oil out of many, however, there are a few factors that you can look at and search for the best out of the available options.

The most important thing to look at while selecting the engine oil in India is the owner's manual. Your manual will tell you everything related to the recommended oil weight and viscosity, so it is a very useful resource.

The different factors that further help in determining the best engine oil in India are:


When two liquids are mixed together, flow at a different speed like honey and water which is called viscosity. Before choosing the engine oil, its viscosity is really important as it is the factor that helps in determining the speed of flow of it to protect the engine. A higher number of viscosities shows that the oil is more resistant to flow.

Types of engine oils

The type and the quality of engine oil you are using play an integral role. For this, you should properly look into the car's manual and determine what type of oil it needs. Now, the oils are categorized into different types. There are different types of engine oils like mineral oil, fully synthetic, or semi-synthetic. It all depends on which type of engine oil will be best for the type of car that you possess.


Certifications are also required in the case of engine oils. A better certification from a reputable institute indicates higher engine oil quality and authenticity. Some of the most reputable certifications that an engine oil gets are from groups such as the American Petroleum Institute, the Association of Certified European Automakers, etc.

Furthermore, you have now seen what importance the right oil holds for your car. If you want to know more about it, you can visit the website

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