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Radiator sealant. Quick and reliable sealing of minor damage to the entire cooling and heating system.

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HIGHTEC RADIATOR LEAK STOP reliably seals small leaks that cannot be localised immediately.

  • Quick and reliable sealing of small leaks
  • No disassembly work
  • Outstanding combination of agents with a reliable,permanent sealing effect
  • It does not harden in water (permanently flexible) and canbe rinsed out again as needed
  • No failure of heating taps and thermostats owing tocorrosion protection
  • Suitable for all water radiators
  • Compatibility with all commercially available antifreeze andcooling liquids
  • suitable for preventive protection against coolant loss andcorrosion

HIGHTEC RADIATOR LEAK STOP repairs minor damage to the entire cooling and heating system quickly and reliably by sealing. It closes small cracks or repairs damage to the radiator caused by highway stones. It also repairs sealing ring leaks in the water pump and porous areas in hoses or heat exchangers. It even seals cracks in the cylinder head, depending on its existing condition. The radiator water level must be checked before addition. In the case of warm engines (Attention: Risk of scalding! Please observe the instructions in the vehicle`s manual!) and open heating valves, add HIGHTEC RADIATOR LEAK STOP to the cooling system either directly or via the compensation tank. Then fill the fluid level up to the maximum mark with coolant.

Please always check the fluid level regularly after every application. HIGHTEC RADIATOR LEAK STOP is not suitable for repairing serious mechanical damage to the cooling system.


  • One dose is sufficient for 12 litres of coolant
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